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The One Cent process team is collecting surveys online and on paper, but we're also collecting them through in-person events. Generally at these events, the attendees are invited to do some real-time electronic polling. Key pad polling devices (they look like small remote controls)are handed out to the audience, and then a presenter walks the audience through each question on the survey.

Guidelines for Suggesting an Event:

1. Don't suggest it if you can't host it. For each event, we need a person or an organization to host it.

  1. If you're a member of ABCClub and you want your club to host the event, great!
  2. If you're the manager of a building that has nice meeting rooms and you'd like us to host the event at your building, also great!
  3. But if you think we should have an event in a place or with an organization that you're not associated with, not great. Instead of filling out this form on their behalf, contact that group or that building's managerand suggest that they host one, and have them fill out this form so that we can work it out with them later.

2. If possible, tie it in withanother event that has already been scheduled. We've gotten very good feedback from the meetings that we've held so far -- people find them to be fun, engaging, and informative. Despite that fact, we find that attendance is usually better when there's already a second reason to be there. Invite us over to do the polling in conjunction with that meeting. For example, we've already scheduled events in conjuction with:

  1. Town council meetings
  2. Trade association meetings
  3. Service Club meetings
  4. A dance at the Senior center (We're looking forward to this one.)

3. Give us half an hour at least. An hour is better. We can do the full meeting with keypad polling in half an hour, but we've found that the pollingusually sparks some lively discussion, so it's even nicer when we have an hour to work with.

4. At least a dozen people. It does take time an effort to set these meetings up, so we are looking for meetings of 12 people or more. Naturally, the more the merrier.

Event Suggestion Form



Where would this event be held?


When would you like this event to take place?


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