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 In 1974, the citizens of Natrona County, Casper, Bar Nunn, Midwest, Mills, Evansville, and Edgerton voted for the One Cent Optional Tax, which allowed for one cent to be taxed on every one dollar taxable purchase within the county. Over the years, the tax has provided more than $200 million in funding for projects throughout Natrona County, including the City of Casper. While the tax has been in place for more than four decades, it is renewable every four years and must be voted on by the citizens of Natrona County. 

History from the ground up

• One Cent is in the fabric of our community.
• Funded most major City capital projects since 1974
• Granted by Natrona County voters

  Essential services  

• water main and pipe replacement
• transit services
• street repair sewer lines

  Safety and emergency services  

• fire stations
• police car
• protective equipment

  Recreation and culture  

• Casper Events Center (Ford Wyoming Center)
• Casper Recreation Center
• park maintenance equipment

Map the One Cent

Over the past 45 years, funding from the one-cent tax has been used on a variety of projects throughout the City of Casper and Natrona County. Below is a map that showcases many past and present one-cent projects (please note every funded project, like sewer lines, aren’t identified as they are difficult to map). To find more detailed information about projects, click on a pinpoint. 

Story Map

How One Cent Builds Casper

• sustains and enhances existing facilities
• upgrades equipment
• makes parks, sports and facilities safer
• improves physical fitnesss
• benefits many user groups provides affordable, accessible recreational opportunities
• builds new riverbanks
• creates wildlife habitat
• removes invasive species
• improves water quality
• leverages existing grants and donations
• enhances ecological, economic and recreational opportunities
• purchases equipment and vehicles
• funds investigative technology
• invests in police facilities
• supports Metro Animal Shelter
• protects police and public
• subsidizes monthly utility rates
• replaces water and sewer lines
• maintains storm drains
• improves water availability, quality and accessibility
• purchases equipment and vehicles
• funds innovative technology
• invests in fire facilities
• protects fire fighters and public

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