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  • Question: What is the One Cent Optional Tax?

    It’s a one percent tax (one penny on every dollar) on taxable items that are purchased in any Natrona County community (Casper, Mills, Evansville, Bar Nunn, Midwest, and Edgerton).

  • Question: When was the One Cent Optional Tax started?

    The first One Cent Optional Tax was voted on and passed by Natrona County residents in 1974, with residents renewing it every four years since then. Over the past 45 years, the tax has provided more than $200 million in funding for projects in Casper and Natrona County.

  • Question: What projects have the One Cent Optional Tax helped fund?

    Past projects have included new fire stations, water main improvements, emergency response equipment, fleet vehicles and maintenance, as well as others. Find more information on projects in Natrona County here [link to http://www.onecentprocess.com/natrona_county_projects] and Casper here [link to http://www.onecentprocess.com/casper_projects].

  • Question: Why is it called One Cent 17?

    In 2018, the renewal of the One Cent Optional Tax will be the 17th time voters have been asked to vote for or against the tax. As such, it’s called the One Cent 17.

  • Question: How is the One Cent Optional Tax different that the sales tax?

    The one cent that is paid on taxable items in Natrona County stays in Natrona County and its communities (funding for each community is based on population). Meanwhile, Wyoming law mandates a four percent tax statewide which is then split between the state, counties and cities/towns. 

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